How will Brexit affect your retirement account?

The U.S. stock market takes another deep dip from the wild emotional sell-off from Brexit. Was your retirement account protected from this massive one-day loss? Most Americans have their retirement accounts in a 401K or IRA that does not have a floor. This means that Americans are exposed to the stock market roller coaster within these accounts.

What if I told you there was another option for you to get predictable results and never lose a dime of your principal? You would probably think it’s just a bank account. Wrong! It will actually give you more than the .25% interest that a bank gives. How about some of these advantages:
• Your principal doesn’t lose value due to a stock or real estate market crash.
• It increases by a guaranteed contractual amount each year.
• You don’t have to depend on luck, skill, or guesswork in choosing the right stock, mutual fund or other investment, and you can stop chasing after the best way to invest your money.
• Your plan has tax advantages. Your growth is not taxed and what you pull out is not taxed (based on current tax law).
• You are in control of the equity in your plan, and you don’t have to sell or liquidate your plan, investments or assets to get your hands on your equity
• Recapture a large percentage, even all of the principal and interest you pay out to banks, lenders and creditors over your lifetime, back into your own pocket.
• Create one account that acts as your emergency fund, your own financing pool, and your retirement account, growing larger every year with no market risk.
And the list goes on… The bottom line is that there is an alternative to your retirement and savings options. You don’t have to risk all of your money and hope that you have enough in your account so you can retire at age 65.
Each account is designed personally for you. To learn more visit

About Jeff Pratt

Jeff Pratt is an independent life and health insurance agent licensed in Michigan since 1999. Jeff provides the following insurance solutions: - Provide business owners comprehensive life insurance coverage for family financial protection and business continuation planning. - Affordable health insurance coverage for individuals, families and business owners. - Medicare Supplement coverage for individuals over age 65. - Safe Retirement strategies for individuals and business owners who are not happy with the ups and downs of the stock market and want a guaranteed, predictable retirement fund. - Helping those with health conditions obtain quality Life Insurance coverage. Jeff also helps these individuals in learning how to create their own Banking System. This allows you to take control of your financial future with a predictable, tax free growth for retirement. Specialties: Specializing in life and health insurance for individuals and business owners. American Insurance Advisors represents over 60 top rated insurance companies. This allows us to design a plan to meet your needs and budget. Let me create a plan for you today!
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