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Medicare forms a significant part of the American healthcare system. Learn more about his insurance program by reading our blogs online.

Original Medicare vs. Medicare Advantage: What’s the Difference?

When you are researching the ideal insurance plan in Michigan, chances are you have come across Medicare. Medicare is a type of federal insurance program that contains three parts, which include Hospital Insurance (Part A), Medical Insurance (Part B), and … Continue reading

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Deadline Checklist for Enrolling in Medicare Parts and Plans

As an insurance advisor in Troy, Michigan for American Insurance Advisors for over 16 years, deadlines are a big deal not only because they have hefty penalties when my clients miss them, but also because missing out on health insurance … Continue reading

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Original Medicare or Medicare Advantage Plan? Consider These First Before Choosing

If you are a Medicare user, you would either have the choice of Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage Plan for your health coverage. But, how do you know what’s right for you? Sixteen years dealing with just about any insurance … Continue reading

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Examining the Regulatory Changes Made to Medicare in Response to COVID-19

Life as we know it has effectively ended with the surge of the COVID-19 pandemic. Expectedly, the healthcare industry bore and is still bearing the brunt of its effects. To accommodate these effects, several major changes were made to the … Continue reading

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Medicare Open Enrollment…What you need to know

Get ready to be overwhelmed by the advertising blitz that comes with the Medicare Open Enrollment beginning October 15th. This will come in the form of commercials, and junk mail from insurance companies all touting that their Medicare Advantage plans … Continue reading

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Blue Care Network Medigap Rates Set to Double for Most

Blue Care Network of Michigan is sending out rate increase notices to their Legacy Medigap policy holders. The 5 year rate freeze on this plan is coming to an end this month. Blue Care Network has decided to extend the … Continue reading

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