Benefits of Working with an Independent Insurance Agent

Benefits of Working with an Independent Insurance Agent

In a time where convenience is a selling point for almost everything, it’s only natural to view insurance companies as the driver of convenience you’ve been looking for when shopping for an insurance plan in Michigan. These types of insurance companies have captive agents working for them, agents who carry only one insurance provider.

On the other part of the spectrum are independent agents. As the name suggests, these are agents working independently and, as such, are not bounded by multiple insurance carriers. Both insurance agents offer you convenience but only one provides you with a convenience that lasts.

This lasting convenience is what I offer you as an independent insurance advisor in Troy, Michigan for American Insurance Advisors since 1999. This advantage and all the others that come with working with an independent insurance agent is due to our lack of exclusive relationship with any single insurance company—this ultimately allows us to provide you with more options.

Without any restrictions, you can ensure your policy is best suited for your needs, whether this be the Original Medicare or Medicare Advantage. But it doesn’t stop here, a partnership with an independent insurance agent like me translates to advantages you can’t get from a captive agent, even with one who works for a prominent health and life insurance company such as:

  • Dedicated customer service.
    An independent insurance agent works with you personally, has fewer clients, and has you as the priority, so you can expect infinitely better communication. You won’t need to wait for your calls to be queued and returned after an eternity like how you would with a large insurance firm.
  • Personalized touch.
    With independent insurance agents, you can expect a closer working relationship and a hands-on approach. Not only will they take the time to review your coverage regularly, but they will also keep you updated with the latest changes in insurance so you can respond accordingly.
  • Expert, unbiased advice.
    Captive agents can only offer you one plan, the one from the company they’re working for. But independent insurance agents work with multiple carriers and work for you so you can be assured that your interests will be the priority, not any other company.
  • More savings.
    When you work with an independent insurance agent, you will be presented with quotes from different insurance companies, allowing you to choose the most cost-efficient plan, that is, the best coverage at the lowest prices.
  • Faster insurance claim processing.
    With a dedicated independent insurance agent, you are guaranteed to be the priority. Thus, you can expect more efficient processing of your claims, a higher rate of responsiveness, and faster results overall compared to working with a captive agent from a large insurance company.

Don’t miss out, work with an independent insurance agent today! Let’s talk!

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