Compelling Reasons Why You Need Life Insurance

Compelling Reasons Why You Need Life Insurance

Although you may not consider it necessary or useful at the moment, life insurance is one of those things you need to think about at some point in your life. You may be young and healthy today, but the longer you put off finding the right plan, the greater the chances of something untoward happening before you get adequate coverage.

As a trusted and highly experienced insurance advisor in Troy, Michigan, we will share a few compelling reasons why you should get this type of insurance:

  • You’re getting married soon
    If you are planning on getting married soon once the country recovers from quarantine and infection control policies, it’s best to get insurance before getting married. This is especially true if your spouse-to-be relies on your income for their daily expenses and lifestyle. Even if your significant other doesn’t necessarily rely on your paycheck, it’s best to have a financial safety net in case you pass away prematurely.
  • You’re planning to start a family
    Aside from marriage, if you and your spouse are planning on having a baby in the next few months or next year, now is the best time to get coverage. Considering your health will only decline as you get older, getting insurance today saves you a much greater cost in the future. More than that, having a child will likely put you or your wife out of a steady paycheck once time off from work becomes inevitable. Getting insurance sets up a financial safety net for both of you and your child.
  • You provide financial support to family members
    If an aging parent or sick family member relies on you financially for their medication or health care costs, it’s a good idea to start getting this type of insurance today. Many insurance providers offer plans like Medicare Advantage that can significantly lower health care expenses when you are no longer around to provide for them.
  • You have debt you need to pay off
    When you pass away, your debts are usually passed on to your spouse or other family members. This can leave them with a huge amount to pay for in addition to funeral costs. By having insurance, you can save them from the headache of financial burden and also gain lower funeral expenses.

Are you ready to start looking for this type of insurance plan? If that’s the case, we at American Insurance Advisors are more than happy to assist you! With more than 16 years of experience and knowledge in insurance products, we can help you find the right type of insurance plan in Michigan. Send us an email or give us a call to schedule an appointment with us today.

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